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The impact of cancer goes well beyond the biology of the disease. Anxiety, depression, isolation, and fear are just a few of the impacts felt by patients and their loved ones across the cancer continuum.

Talking about mental health and emotional wellness with healthcare professionals is a vital part of comprehensive cancer care. Mental health support, tools and resources can positively impact the course of treatment and improve quality of life and health outcomes.

Talk About It: Cancer and Mental Health elevates the important intersection of mental health and cancer care. It helps normalize conversations, provides links to resources, and brings the cancer community together to better support all cancer patients.


Advocate for yourself! You can get help, but you have to ask and sometimes keep asking for it. There will be ups and downs regardless of mental health treatment, but you don’t have to do it alone.”

John M. Cancer Patient

Throughout my career as an oncology social worker, I have witnessed how mental health care services can improve emotional well-being during the cancer journey, as well as adherence to treatment plans and overall quality of life. It’s absolutely critical.”

Nicole Peeke
LCSW, ACHP-SW; City of Hope
Healthcare Professional