Talk About It:

Cancer and Mental Health

As a company dedicated to putting patients first, BeiGene recognizes the importance of making mental health and emotional wellness an integral part of quality cancer care. For many cancer patients, due to their immunocompromised status, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is not over. Repeatedly, across age, disease type, stage, and organization, we heard mental health concerns emerge as a pressing issue impacting all aspects of cancer patient lives. So we did the work we are here to do; we listened. Our patient-centric focus gave us an opportunity to humbly act on what we heard from, and in collaboration with, the patient, advocacy, psycho-oncology and healthcare communities.

Created for patients and caregivers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers, Talk About It is designed to inspire everyone with a stake in quality cancer care to take action to address the unmet needs and barriers faced by cancer patients and caregivers to improve quality of life and health outcomes.

The program is rooted in a research, including a partnership with the Cancer Support Community (CSC) in which CSC surveyed more than 600 US. cancer patients and survivors who self-identify as having experienced an emotional or mental health concern.1 That data brought to light important insights to inform how Talk About It helps to address patients’ unmet emotional wellness needs, barriers to accessing mental health care, and what resources they find most helpful. Read the executive summary of that patient survey here.

Talk About It was launched to provide links to mental health and emotional wellness resources for healthcare providers and people living with cancer and to help advance public policy conversations and inspire dynamic health equity initiatives to better support all people throughout the cancer continuum.

Expert Advisory Panel

The Talk About It program is guided by an advisory panel of experts in mental health, oncology, patient advocacy, and behavioral science who share BeiGene’s intention to systemically integrate mental health and wellness into quality cancer care. Inaugural members include:

Allison Applebaum, PhD

Associate Attending Psychologist, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Elizabeth Archer-Nanda, DNP, APRN

Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, Norton Cancer Center Institute, Behavioral Oncology Program

Terry Evans

Trained Patient Advocate and Cancer Survivor; Director, CLL Society Support and Education Network

Joseph Greer, PhD

Co-Director, Cancer Outcomes Research & Education Program, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Heather Honoré Goltz, PhD, LCSW, Med

Professor of Social Work & Interim Assistant Department Chair, Department of Criminal Justice & Social Work, University of Houston-Downtown

Nicole Peeke LCSW, ACHP-SW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Patients, Partners & Providers Working Together: A Strengths-Based Brain Cancer Program

Alexandra Zaleta, PhD

Vice President of Research, Cancer Support Community

  • 1 Cancer Support Community (2022). Cancer Experience Registry Spotlight Survey: Identifying Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Care among Cancer Patients and Survivors [Unpublished data, August 2021]