We all want to be heard and understood.

There is comfort as well as validation when someone takes the time to listen and hold space for our perspectives, experiences, and our life’s stories. When living with a diagnosis of cancer, whether patient or care partner, that need for acknowledgment and understanding about a journey that is often physically, emotionally, and even financially challenging becomes even stronger.

We get that. And sometimes sharing your experience living with cancer can be hard for people—even those who care for you– to understand.

We believe that everyone’s unique lived experience should be heard and honored. It provides us all with an opportunity to grow, to feel empowered and to act.  The voices of people living with cancer have taught us that cancer is more than a medical diagnosis and it can be difficult to navigate and talk about:

  • Sometimes you might feel like no one knows what you are going through or how you feel.
  • Other times, you may worry that your experience does not reflect what you see on social media or on all those tv or magazine ads.
  • There can be times you quietly wonder if age, gender, race/ethnicity, language, or where you live makes your experience with cancer different from others.

These feelings are okay. It’s important to know you’re not alone and that finding a safe place where someone will listen to understand; similar experiences; or help is possible. There are people, organizations, and resources out here for you.

Let’s Talk About It is our monthly blog series designed to talk frankly about some of the real-life challenges of living with a diagnosis of cancer to empower others and share available resources. If you have topics you would like Lisa or guest contributors to explore, please email us at patientadvocacy@beigene.com with your ideas. 

We believe in you and the power of your story. We thank you for sharing your journey with us and others.